World NGO Day

Today at MST Group, we celebrate the great work that NGOs all over the world are accomplishing each and every day. We have proudly partnered with a number of NGOs that are working hard to provide crucial services and resources to communities in need.

Our Mobile Health Clinics Programme worked with Kheth’Impilo (KI) for two separate one-month collaborations in March and September 2017. KI is “a leader in public health innovation, being one of few organisations that have successfully integrated Health, Welfare and Education to provide a holistic approach.” When KI contacted us about using one of our mobile units for an HIV testing and counseling (HCT) solution, we happily accommodated them. During the short time we worked together, 4 587 individuals received HCT on the mobile, and around 15 000 more were reached by KI through a combination of other community outreach strategies.

MST Group’s manufacturing team has previously worked with an equally innovative NGO to build a Mobile Male Circumcision Clinic – commissioned by the Society for Family Health, a “social marketing organisation that brings quality health products and services within the reach of vulnerable and low-income communities.”

MST Group has also worked with PinkDrive, an NGO known as South Africa’s “best-loved Breast Cancer Community Carer”. We are proud to have built and delivered one of PinkDrive’s mobile breast care clinics, which we designed to include a mammography scanner and patient consultation space, that can travel directly to women all over the country.

We are excited to continue supporting and enhancing the admirable work of the NGOs that aim to improve the quality of life in disadvantaged and underprivileged communities all over the world.

We celebrate the great work that NGOs all over the world are accomplishing each and every day.