A passion for mobilising education

Mobile Student Future (MSF), a subsidiary of MST Vehicles, is an example of a project that sprung solely from passion and a desire for change.

By mobilising education, Mobile Student Future (MSF) projects are dedicated to the education and employment of people living in remote areas of South Africa as well as other parts of Africa like Namibia and Nigeria.  Mobile Student Future (MSF) mobilises modern technology services like IT labs, so it can reach people who do not have access to such services.

The project remains active today thanks to the drive of individuals such as MST MD, Fernando Acafrao and his team, who strive to drive positive change by mobilising education. Mobile Student Future is the result of complete dedication to a passion for change and improvement in the South African economy and its remote communities. Because of MST’s constant drive and desire to see the world progress, and the company’s mission to see more people educated and find a career they are passionate about, Mobile Student Future is a success story that illustrates the epitome of passion and what it can do when put to play.

The definition of passion

David M. Buss said: “We usually think of passion as restricted to sex or love, the burning embrace or constant craving. It has a broader meaning, referring to the drives and emotional fires that propel us in our quests through life. They sometimes glow quietly, but at other times they burst into full flame. They range from tranquil devotion to violent eruption. Their expression yields life’s deepest joys, but also the cruelest suffering. And although we commonly think of passion as something to be tamed or overcome, passions when properly understood have a crystalline logic, precise purpose, and supreme sensibility.”

Mobile Student Future is a success story that illustrates the epitome of passion.